About us

Apeiron in greek means Infinite and it derives its meaning from the Doric Greek word Ἄπειρος; it was originally used to describe the mainland opposite Corfu and the Ionian islands, the Apeiron Chora (the Infinite Land).

This is our birthplace, the Infinite Ionian Sea and the Epirus mainland; a mythical place full of tales and histories hidden in its ancient theaters; it is the birthplace of Odysseus and of great poets; it is the birthplace of great kings and of the Gates of Hades; it is the place where castles rest by the sea. It is the eternal sunshine that enlights your pathway; this is Apeiron, the closest to Infinity.

Apeiron Yachting is a family owned company based in Lefkas marina. The island of Lefkas was carefully selected for lying in the center of the Ionian Islands, accommodating a modern and spacious marina that supports all technical, service and supply needs.

Apeiron Yachting is engaged to provide high standards, quality, safety & professional customer service through a range of company and private owning listings. We are proud of our ability to offer tailor made, both skippered and bareboat, sailing holidays with the highest standards of luxury and safety.

By focusing on a service-oriented company vision, our success derives from our people’s values and thrives to provide our guests with a memorable experience. We have been sailing the Ionian Islands since ever, and we would be very pleased to answer any of your questions! Let us organize your most memorable sailing vacation and be part of our worldwide clientele.