About us

Apeiron in greek means Infinite and it derives its meaning from the Doric Greek word Ἄπειρος; it was originally used to describe the mainland opposite Corfu and the Ionian islands, the Apeiron Chora (the Infinite Land).

This is our birthplace, the Infinite Ionian Sea and the Epirus mainland; a mythical place full of tales and histories hidden in its ancient theaters; it is the birthplace of Odysseus and of great poets; it is the birthplace of great kings and of the Gates of Hades; it is the place where castles rest by the sea. It is the eternal sunshine that enlights your pathway; this is Apeiron, the closest to Infinity.

Apeiron Yachting is a Private Company based in Lefkas running by Dimitris Kopellou. Dimitris, a regular yachtsman, was born and raised in Thessaloniki and during the last decades he has been spending his summers onboard. In 2014 the family grew and since then, the family sails together in the Ionian Islands and Epirus coast, birthplace of Dimitris’ wife.

We have been wandering to this area since ever, and we would be very pleased to answer any of your questions! Most of the answers will be sprinkled with personal memories and trivial information. Especially if you are travelling with young children, don’t hesitate to ask for information or queries about sailing with children.