The Ionian Islands Route
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Take advantage of the first night aboard and explore the yacht, make all necessary provisions for your travel. Of course, don’t forget to walk around the beautiful town of Lefkas!

The island of Lefkas or Lefkada (Λευκάδα in greek, ancient Leukas; Italian Santa Maura) is wonderfully located next to the mainland Greece. The island is mainly occupied by green hills while its western coast is principally lined with sheer, bright-coloured rocks, giving the island its name: Lefkata – the white.

In the town, stroll around the picturesque, stone alleys, have a cold beer in the modern bars and pick any of the numerous traditional waterfront tavernas to enjoy local food. After all the Greek cookery makes wide use of vegetables and herbs; only in this island you may find the ancient seed of Englouvi’s lentil that is grown in the mountains in small quantities, the traditional way.

The well protected marina is a popular destination to sail the Ionian. Additionally, Lefkas is mainly mountainous and you can enjoy traditional, mountainous specialties (vegan or traditional meat-based) on its famous restaurants.




Lefkas to Parga | 32 n.m. | Duration: 4 hours and 15 minutes

Parga is known as the greek Amalfi and it is one of the most popular destinations in mainland. The Venetian castle and the islets located in the Parga port are the distinct characteristics of this little town. Parga is amphitheatrically built in an old olive grove and the area is gifted with turquise water beaches.

This old citadel has been the apple of discord for pirates, the Venetians and the Ottomans as well. Its history goes back to antiquity and includes struggles for freedom. In the town you may also find the remains of ancient walls, a Mycenaean tomb, etc. After all, Parga was the resort of the in-famous Ali-Pasha (the ruler) of Ioannina during the Ottoman Empire’s times.

Your stay in Parga will be absolutely unforgetable! Walk on the narrow cobble-stoned alleys, take the 74 steps that lead you to the castle, enjoy amazing traditional food and gelato. And, don’t forget to be amazed by the castle view!

Close by (15 min. by car) you may explore the mystique Acheron River and the Gates Of Hades.

Although the area is full of cute bays able to accommodate your night stay, the Valtos bay right next to Parga is a great option for berthing.

Parga belongs in Epirus, a place full of ancient history, tales and legends, a place where time stands still and the cold rocky mountains come close and hug the warm sea. Epirus, Ήπειρος in greek, means infinite and is the place where infinite contrasts nest!

Check on the Ancient Theatres of Epirus initiative, a cultural route promising many travels in one; travels through time, places, the five senses.

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Parga to the Syvota islets| 12 n.m. | Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes

Heading North, close to Parga are the Syvota islets. A polynesia of tiny islets scattered close to the shore, with white-pebbled stones and pine trees. Along your way from Parga to Syvota you may stop and explore numerous beaches inclding Sarakiniko, Prapa Mali, Karavostasi, Mikri Ammos and Mega Ammos. Explore all beautiful islets and find a safe anchorage in the nearby Syvota village.

Syvota is a beautiful, traditional, coastal village located on mainland Greece. Although redeveloped, the town quay at Mourtos still features all the charms and ambiance of a traditional Grecian village. Numerous taverns, restaurants, shops and bars will tender all tastes.

Syvota also belongs to Epirus and the ancient theater of Gitana is 35 km (roughly 40 min.) away. Also the famous ancient theater of Dodona, the second residence of Zeus, is 80 km (roughly 1 hour mainly highway drive) away from the village.




Syvota islets – Corfu| 19 n.m. | Duration: 2 hours and 30 minutes

Corfu (Κέρκυρα in greek) is the “Queen of the Ionian Islands”. Its name Corfù, is the latin version of its byzantine name Κορυφώ (Koryphō), meaning “city of the peaks”, denoting the two peaks of Palaio Frourio (the Old Fortress).

Undoubtedly, Corfu island is a fantastic island with long and captivating history, with amazing beaches and marvelous places to explore. The town of Corfu holds a long tradition in culture and fine arts, including Philharmonic communities that total 17 in the whole island. The oldest and the most popular of them is the  Philharmonic Society of Corfu that was founded in 1840. Either you are a fan or not, please take our advise and pass by its premises; hopefully, you will listen to them rehearsing (take a look here) and be part of the atmosphere!

Stroll in the wonderful old town, walk around the traditional kantounia (local alleys), let yourself travel through time and local culture, become part of a cosmopolitan atmosphere and realize the reason this island has always been a top destination. In front of the Old Fortress is located the Spianada Square, the largest square in Greece. The town is privileged to host a number of palaces and museums. Discover the Achilleion Palace, built to heal Sissy’s (the Empress Elisabeth of Austria) sadness, the Mon Repos Palace operating as a museum, the Palace of St. Michael and St. George, known as the Old Royal residence.Of course also  a number of museums are located in Corfu, and our personal favorite is the Museum of Asian Art that hosts wonderful exhibits.

In the town of Corfu you may also try local specialties, spoil yourself with premium gastronomy ( &, or discover your favorite, and let us know about!

The town of Corfu will definitely steal your heart and make you want to visit again and again!




Corfu to Paxos| 28 n.m. | Duration: 3 hour and 45 minutes

Head south along Corfu’s coast toward the open waters of the Ionian and to the island of Paxos. Mystique and atmospheric, Paxos is an island where the tree-covered hills gently bend over to the sea and the wild rocks stop the winter raging sea.

Paxos island was a well-kept secret for the tourists, but a paradise for those who already knew this gem. The last 15 years it has gained great publicity and became a destination, offering high quality services.

However, Paxos is not only the inland attractions. The breath-taking “Blue Caves” is a cluster of sea caves near Erimitis (semantics: the loner) beach with exotic turquise waters, under the steep shadow of the rocks and the Ortholithos.

Moor in Gaios port and experience a night in a fairy tale island.

Enjoy your breakfast and get set sails to Antipaxos! The isle of Antipaxos or Antipaxi (Αντίπαξοι in greek) is located to the south of Paxos and it is considered as one of the most attractive destinations in the North Ionian. Fair enough considering its picturesque scenery, the tropical blue water, the mysterious caves and diving locations.

The isle is inhabited by a small number of sheep-breeders that also produce tasteful wine.

The isle of Antipaxos is a top swiming destination and a night stay on board is preferable if the weather conditions allow a safe anchorage.




Paxos to Preveza| 29 n.m. | Duration: 3 hours and 45 minutes

An enchanting lonian city at the entrance of the Amvrakikos gulf, with a Mediterranean climate, cosmopolitan life and entertainment and rich natural attractions.

Preveza, is a personal favourite! Small, romantic, minimal and mainland; it is the land of the roman city of Nicopolis (the Victory City) and the land of the largest coastline in Europe; it is the land of the fresh fish and the narrow alleys and neoclassical houses lost in bougainvillea trees.

Take your time and experience this beautiful small town that has just started to consider itself a tourist attraction, and in the next few years it will become a famous mainland destination!

Preveza also belongs to Epirus, and just a breathe away (7 km.) is located the well-preserved, Roman theater of Nikopolis.

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Preveza to Meganisi | 19 n.m. | Duration: 2 hours and 30 minutes

After passing the Lefkas channel you can sail close to the private island of Scorpios, owned by the notorious Onassis family, and take a glimpse of a mythical place connected with the world modern history. The beautiful isle of Madouri (see video) is also on the way to Meganisi, and makes a perfect place to take a swim on its clear blue waters.

Meganisi is a dream island – small, unspoiled and magical. Full of unexplored bays and turquoise waters under the shadow of old olive trees, it will definitely take your breath away … until the next stop. Anchor there (see our stay at the Fanari bay) or in the private Odysseas Marina and spend the night under the dazzling stars or at the traditional village of Vathy.




Meganisi to Porto Leone – Kalamos| 11 n.m. | Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes

Along the way to Kalamos you may choose to take a swim to the isle of Atokos. Atokos is an uninhabited island with amazingly beautiful white beaches, quite different from the rest of its neighbor islands. Don’t forget to excercise your snorkeling skills!

Sail to the unknown, pine-green island of Kalamos. This island was a secret shelter during the ancient times, as well as during the greek revolution. Green, mystique and mysterious, Kalamos will make a memorable stay. The port is highly sheltered and you may enjoy delicious local specialties at the port tavernas. Overnight stay will be accommodated on board in a quiet bay or in the port.





Porto Leone – Kalamos to Fiskardo-Cephalonia| XX n.m. | Duration: XX hours and XX minutes

Cephalonia or Kefalonia is the biggest of the Ionian islands and it became rather popular after the book, Captain Correlli’s Mandolin by Louis de Bernières. The island is gifted by the existence of the Mount Ainos (pron. Enos) and the Mount Ainos National Park, as well as skirted by white, lacy beaches in the shadow of the dark Kefalonian Fir tree (Abies Cephalonica).

At the the north-eastern tip of the island lies the little port-town of Fiskardo (Φισκάρδο, in greek). Although the island was severely hit by the 1953  earthquake, luckily, this little town made it and reserved its traditional italian architectural style. The old venetian lighthouse on the north side of the port entrance signs your arrival at this cosmopolitan town.

One of the joys of traveling is tasting different kinds of food and local specialties. Well, Fiskardo is a fantastic place to enjoy greek, traditional food whilst sitting in the most beautiful surroundings. Most of the traditional tavernas and restaurants are standing on the harbor or very close to the sea.

Cephalonia combines the beauty of the sea with the magic of mountains. In Mount Ainos National Park you may enjoy hiking on its marked trails.



DAY 10

Fiskardo-Cephalonia to Sami-Cephalonia | 14 n.m. | Duration: 2 hours and 15 minutes

The fishing and ferry port of Sami is the next destination. The little town’s main attraction is the ethereal cave of Melissani. The cave is the result of an underground stream that only around noon the sun rays turn the deep-blue colored water into vivid, exotic blue-green.

The beautiful bay of Antisamos is really close and an excellent opportunity for swimming. The well protected port of Sami hosts some excellent fish tavernas. Although a bit touristic, you may find plenty of provisions for your next stop.




DAY 11

Sami-Cephalonia to Agios Nikolaos – Zante| 28 n.m. | Duration: 3 hours and 45 minutes

New day and start heading south to the wonderful island of Zante or Zakynthos that is closer to the greek, Ζάκνθος.

On our way to Agios Nikolaos we will sail past the famous Shipwreck Bay or also known as the Navagio Beach; at this white-sanded beach a rusty wreck of caster is resting for the last 40 years. Take your time and swim in the crystal-clear waters before setting sail to your final destination in Zante, the village of Agios Nikolaos.

After a short sail (roughly 1 hour) we will reach the village where several tavernas and markets. Close to the village a wonderful small beach is located.




DAY 12

Agios Nikolaos – Zante to Ithaka | 34 n.m. | Duration: 4 hours and 30 minutes

A new day begins setting sails to the amazing island of Odysseus, Ithaka and at the port of Vathy. Stop for swimming at Gidaki, the most famous beach in Ithaka; next stop is Vathi, the essence of greek summer.

“Vathy” or “Vathi” means deep and this is the reason it is widely used in the area for harbors and ports. This village is the largest of the island and it is amphitheatricaly built around the harbor, while -by law- all constructions follow the traditional preservable architectural style. Visit the Archaeological Museum and admire various findings from the Geometric period, the Mycenaean and the Corinthian periods. Along the bay, take your time and discover Vathy that at night time offers magical atmosphere and plenty of premium quality choices. Overnight stay will be accommodated onboard in the harbor.



DAY 13

Ithaka to Kastos| 17 n.m. | Duration: 2 hours and 15 minutes

Kastos is the smallest inhabited island of the Ionian Sea; the hermit island. A precious, perfectly preserved gem with almost 6 sq. km size, the island of Kastos is an one of a time experience. Its only village is a time-capsule that will travel you to the past in the most romantic way.

The port of Kastos is very scenic and the traditional tavernas and restaurants located there will accommodate all tastes. Most of its land is covered with olive trees and its small port is a safe destination for sailing yachts. The southern part of the island has beatiful beaches and some bays are suitable for overnight stay.




DAY 14

Kastos to Lefkas | 22 n.m. | Duration: 3 hours


Start heading north again and explore the bays on the south coast of Lefkas or mainland. In mainland the bay of Vathia Vali, just a few miles away from Lefkas shore, it is a wonderful bay with exotic blue waters, ideal to explore.

Finally, the island of Lefkas or Lefkada (Λευκάδα in greek, ancient Leukas; Italian Santa Maura) is wonderfully located next to the mainland Greece. The island is mainly occupied by green hills while its western coast is principally lined with sheer, bright-coloured rocks, that give the island its name: Lefkata – the white.




DAY 15

Lefkas Marina

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* Please, always keep in mind that all routes are subject to modification based on your preferences and on wheather conditions. Especially in the case of weather conditions you are advised to decide cautiously!

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