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Corfu (Κέρκυρα in greek) is the “Queen of the Ionian Islands”. Its name Corfù, is the latin version of the byzantine name Κορυφώ (Koryphō), meaning “city of the peaks”, denoting the two peaks of Palaio Frourio (the Old Fortress).

Undoubtedly, Corfu island is a fantastic island with long and captivating history, with amazing beaches and marvelous places to explore. The town of Corfu holds a long tradition in culture and fine arts, including Philharmonic communities that total 17 in the whole island. The oldest and the most popular of them all is the  Philharmonic Society of Corfu that was founded in 1840. Either you are a fan or not, please take our advise and pass by its premises; hopefully, you will listen to them rehearsing (take a look here) and be a part of the atmosphere!

Stroll in the wonderful old town, walk around the traditional kantounia (local alleys), let yourself travel through time and local culture, become part of a cosmopolitan atmosphere and realize the reason this island has always been a top destination. In front of the Old Fortress is located the Spianada Square, the largest square in Greece. The town is privileged to host a number of palaces and museums. Discover the Achilleion Palace, built to heal Sissy’s (the Empress Elisabeth of Austria) sadness, the Mon Repos Palace operating as a museum, the Palace of St. Michael and St. George, known as the Old Royal residence. Of course, also a number of museums are located in Corfu, and our personal favorite is the Museum of Asian Art that hosts wonderful exhibits.

In the town of Corfu you may also try local specialties or spoil yourself with premium gastronomy ( &, or discover your favorite, and let us know about it!

The town of Corfu will definitely steal your heart and make you want to visit again and again!


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