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Paxos and Antipaxos

Mystique and atmospheric, Paxos is an island where the tree-covered hills gently bend over the sea and the wild rocks stop the winter raging sea.

Paxos island was a well-kept secret for the tourists, but a paradise for those who already knew this gem. The last 15 years it has gained great publicity and became a destination, offering high quality services.

However, Paxos is not only the inland attractions. The breath-taking “Blue Caves” is a cluster of sea caves near Erimitis (semantics: the loner) beach with exotic turquise waters, under the steep shadow of the rocks and the Ortholithos.

Moor in Gaios port and experience a night in a fairytale island.

Enjoy your breakfast and get set sails to Antipaxos! The isle of Antipaxos or Antipaxi (Αντίπαξοι in greek) is located to the south of Paxos and it is considered as one of the most attractive destinationsin the North Ionian. Fair enough considering its picturesque scenery, the tropical blue water, the mysterious caves and diving locations.

The isle is inhabited by a small number of sheep-breeders that also produce tasteful wine. Also it is a top swimming destination and a night stay on board is preferable if the weather conditions allow a safe anchorage.


Sail to Paxos and Antipaxos either with our favorite North Ionion and the Ionian Islands Routes, or choose your own destinations!

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