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Parga is known as the greek Amalfi and it is one of the most popular destinations in mainland. The Venetian castle and the islets located in the Parga port are the distinct characteristics of this little town. Parga is amphitheatrically built in an old olive grove and the area is gifted with turquise water beaches.

This old citadel has been the apple of discord for pirates, the Venetians and the Ottomans as well. Its history goes back to antiquity and includes struggles for freedom. In the town you may also find the remains of ancient walls, a Mycenaean tomb, etc. After all, Parga was the resort of the in-famous Ali-Pasha (the ruler) of Ioannina during the Ottoman Empire’s times.

Your stay in Parga will be absolutely unforgetable! Walk on the narrow cobble-stoned alleys, take the 74 steps that lead you to the castle, enjoy amazing traditional food and gelato. And, don’t forget to be amazed by the castle view!

Close by (15 min. by car) you may explore the mystique Acheron River and the Gates Of Hades.

Although the area is full of cute bays able to accommodate your night stay, the Valtos bay right next to Parga is a great option for berthing.

Parga belongs in Epirus, a place full of ancient history, tales and legends, a place where time stands still and the cold rocky mountains come close and hug the warm sea. Epirus, Ήπειρος in greek, means infinite and is the place where infinite contrasts nest!

Check on the Ancient Theatres of Epirus initiative, a cultural route promising many travels in one; travels through time, places and the five senses.

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